i was just thinking, whats your guys opinion on everything that fails or wins
as to be expected, this thread fails. me first.
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^ you are wise

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There's been sooo many threads done on this; I don't even wanna hear that you used the searchbar. Staring at it and giggling does not count.
The worlds fu cked up and we lit the fuse, its all used up what you gonna do?
The bunny wins for being able to do what I can't.

I really don't get this, lol.
hmm ill try to explain it,

Guitar/any instrument that girls bone you for= win
Ppl who steal ur guitar/instruments/girls=fail
Love= win or fail
Money = win
Brittany Spears = Fail
You get the idea
like this thread ......but seriously I am confused
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hah its ok besa, i still love you

^ guess someone has too
guys, enough with the spam.

threadstarter, please explain yourself and what you expect people to post a bit better next time. you'll get much better responses if people actually understand what you're talking about.
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