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+1 to munizfire, good trader and shipped promptly after payment.
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You CAN play anything with anything....but some guitars sound right for some things, and not for others. Single coils sound retarded for metal, though those who are apeshit about harpsichord probably beg to differ.
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Had some shady dealings with a user called depuy, didn't go through with the transaction. Mod can PM me for details.
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Bought a guitar off him via forum
Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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+1 to Donkey Fly

Paid for a guitar promptly and waited patiently over the UK Bank Holiday weekend.
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+1 for badgerific, always quality builds, great communication, and just generally a really nice guy to deal with.
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+1 to badgerific again for being a maker of some quality stuff and a handsome devil.
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Honest and a decent guy too.
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Smooth transaction, well packaged guitar, etc.
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I just received a pedal off of Mephaphil, not only was it exactly as promised, he was extremely communicative the entire time and exceptionally helpful.

I would most certainly buy off of him again.
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Bought a pickup off Capebuf, Easy to deal with, smooth transaction. Pickup was well packaged and secure. +1
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Bought a nice analogman modded pedal from Keennay. No problems at all. Great trader.
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I agree with your thought.Thank you for your sharing.
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Rossmillertarn! for the good trader list! Great communication and fast postage