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guitar is yummy is a good trader. bought some thumbpicks from him recently and everything was great. would definitly do business with him again!
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stevo 192 lol mate u a beast! Such a rebel!!!

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Plus one to both soundcheck1 and stevo192
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!
+1 for MorgMetal_666, I bought a Wii game from him, perfect condtion, fast ship, Great Seller
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Add "thekarmapolice" to that list, sold him my vox ad30vt, paid fast and was very good to deal with.

and +1 to me for selling him my amp
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Add applecakes1207 to the good trader list.
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Good Traders: jdr94 7PlaGues xXMetal-HeadXx applecakes1207
Jango22: sold a EHX nano clone, paid as he said he would, i recommend

dviv17: another good trader, bought a Boss Ch-1 from him, he was very patient while awaiting payment, and sent it out promptly, it was in great shape.
add lefthandman9876, he sold me a pedal and i recieved it really quickly.
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A really big +1 to adzlee123, bought his amp of him. Kept me informed the whole time. Would buy off him again.
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!
^ Why thank you.

But honestly the same to guitar_is_yummy.
Awesome guy to deal with. Would definitely do it again.
thesockmonster - Traded a Randall MTS module with him, good trader and a good guy, still sent me his module, even after he decided he didn't like the one I sent him

Matt in Jerzey - Bought his Tremol-no from him, got here quick. Good seller.
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+1 to Sonny_sam.
Bought his mixer off him, he was patient with the payment. Communications were great and the mixer came pacakged very well. Good experience
yep, +1 for soundcheck1 too, a smooth transaction with no problems when it got going.
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hey cutlass, wanna give me some good feedback?
i already mentioned you in here, from our 3 way trade.
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At first he was like...
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I love you, man. No homo

But then, he was like...
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I love you even more now. Slightly homo
Floydmoline - great trade, help pedal for me, and sent quickly when I paid.

KCsilvertone - another great trade. sent out guitar quickly, and as described, and took my delay in stride. Would DEFNITELY trade with agian.
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OK.. I did a transaction with user psychokiller99 that didnt originate from a classified post, I saw him mention that he was selling his amp in GG&A forum post and PM'd him. Everything went smooth and I drove to his house and picked up the amp, very happy with the sale. I would recommend him to go on the good seller list because it technically originated here at UG.... and he has a classified post up for another amp at the moment, long story short, good guy.
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Trust in higgzy420!
Great transaction! Sent invoice to him and he paid within the hour.
Still waiting to here from him when he receives his pedal!
I think it will go great with his Dan Donegan Washburn!
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Purchased a Digitech Dan donegan the weapon pedal from schismed

schismed - awesome seller, 100% honest, fast shipping, quick to get in touch with, definitely would recommend this seller to anyone!!!!!!!!!

p.s. it sounds awesome with the washburn dan donegan guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm putting +1 to thesockmonster. Great trade, great word also, just a great guy.

Also I'll bump good guys threads.
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+1 For ZombieCat. Really great transaction. He shipped the day he got payment and the pickup looks good, cant wait to put it in!
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+1 for entrant_21.... does it really need saying anymore!? Traded my cab for a pedal, was just a great guy to deal with, thanks very much mate
+1 for faultyy sold him skate 2 and received money quick through the post. Would reccomend.
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+1 for faultyy sold him skate 2 and received money quick through the post. Would reccomend.

+1 for metalaxxe11 too, game arrived quickly, everything went well
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+1 to ZombieCat
guitar arrived promply and just as described
good communication, great seller
+1 to RaggityAnne08

he paid as soon as he was sure about the deal, very easy to negotiate/deal with. no hassles.
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