I realised lately that I've had some pretty weird experiences while playing guitar...
Occasionally when I play insects seem to be attracted to my direction .

Once a fly landed on my leg for three minutes while I played Capriccio in C. A few weeks ago a spider came out of a couch and stood up for a second on it's forelegs before my mum hit it with a shoe. Just the other day a black worm like thing crawled out of no where.

By the time this happened I started experimenting:
When I play classical music they seem to come in my direction.
When I play contemporary rock they seem to repel.

Has this happened to anyone else? Could you perhaps try next time you see an insect in you house.
its beacuse the bugs are more attracted to the soundwaves
termites chew twice as fast when you are playing rock and 3 times as fast when metal