hi i was just wondering are the pick ups that come with guitars any good e.g. i got a dean hardtail and a epiphone LP, they both have these silver picks ups, dunno what they are. but i was thinking about putting duncans in my dean and EMG's in my LP. but as i know pretty much nothing about picks ups, is this a good idea, or is the picks ups i already got good enough.
they are usually sufficcient unless you know how you want to change the sound, in which case you would still want to look to the amp before just swapping out pickups with little idea of what you want to change or what a pickup will change
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If you know what you want and have a decent amp (And perhaps a decent pedal for the sound you want?)

Pickups do make quite the difference.

I replaced my stock bridge humbucker which sounded way to nasal for my taste, with a Gibson Angus Young Signature Humbucker, and it's exactly what I wanted. So now, I've got that type of sound I'm looking for.

If you know what you want and have already gotten an amp that suits the style, I'd say go for it. If not, read up on pickups and amps, eh?

If you like the sound that the pickups make then they are good. If you prefer the sound of EMG's then put them in. Also, what duncans are you thinking about.
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