Hi all. I'm currently looking for a noise gate pedal (not rack) but I'm finding it hard to tell the difference between them. The main 3 i've been looking at are;

MXR M-135

Boss NS-2 (Has lots of dials (if thats a good thing) and it's the cheapest)

ISP Decimator (alot of good reviews, simple layout I can actually currently understand

Anyways I was wondering if you dudes and dudettes could maybie sugest some other gates and say which is best. Also if you could go through what the extra controls do on the more complicated pedals and wether there useful

Thanks in advance
I've not tried or heard much about the MXR, but the Decimator is a great Noise Gate, the NS-2 sucks too much tone, the Decimator is pretty transparent.

311ZOSOVHJH, buy a used one man, or go to your local GC and do what I did, haggle! I got mine for the same price as the NS-2.
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the NS-2 is a great buy. it kills all my unwanted noise.
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