Basically, I'm going to be 18 in a few days and I want to get some photo ID so I can get served at shops and pubs and whatnot. Now my problem is that I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to things like this. For now I'm just gonna use my passport but I don't really want to be carrying that around with me all the time. I dont have a provisional licence and don't intend on getting one any time soon as I have no interest in driving at the moment (cycling ftw).

I looked on google and came across this website:

Now the website seems legit but the example ID they show just looks so fake, makes me wonder if they really are legit. Just wondered if any of you had experience with this site or whether anyone could just give me some advice on how to get an ID.

Thanks in advance
i just got a provisional, even though i didn't intend on driving

a lot of places are just like, we won't let you in without a passport or driving licence
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Get a driving license. You'll need one eventually anyway.

This. Just a provisional will do. Plus, my mates have been using college cards and bus cards for ID and they never cared. IDing is usually just a formality, but a provisional will be legit.

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Not all of us can afford to get one, Boyce. >:[
then get a job!

that's what i did
A helluva lot of places won't accept anything but passport or driving license.

Just get one, even if you don't intend on driving.
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Not all of us can afford to get one, Boyce. >:[
Then stop spending your dick-sucking money on crack.
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Then stop spending your dick-sucking money on crack.

You can't give up the crack just like that. You should know.
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You can't give up the crack just like that. You should know.
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You can get ID cards. I can't remember where, maybe at the local council. Ring up them and ask. But I found out the other month a guy I know doesnt have his license but he has an ID which he has to renew every year until he gets his license. so hey. go for it

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The Citizen Card is indeed legit- anything with the "PASS" logo is, or should be, accepted. In fact, we used to have citizen card posters up in the shop I worked at and the such. But yeah, it's more beneficial to stop snorting the powdered dream, quit that male fellatio habit and get a provisional.
If it has the PASS logo, it should be accepted, but a lot of places won't. Eespecially clubs and bars.
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The pass thing is just a money-making scheme. Not that the DVLA charging £40 for a provisional isn't, of course.
If you go to the Registry/DMV or whatever you have in your country, you should be able to get something that looks like a drivers license, but is just an ID card. You can't get it right away though. It takes like a week or so.

That's how it works here anyway. Things seem backwards and strange to me in countries the ways of which I am not familiar.
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£40 odd quid for a provisional.

£50 actually. I got mine last week.
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£50 actually. I got mine last week.

They changed it up to £50 when I had already sent my application off then had the nerve to send it back and ask for the extra money