Hi all,

I own an epiphone Les Paul Standard, which is an amazing sounding guitar for the price. As I've never actually played a Gibson Les Paul I was wondering - how much better can a guitar sound for a difference of thousands of dollars/pounds?

I understand that the quality of a Gibson guitar is unsurpassed, but does your sound improve so much that it's in a totally different league?

this may seem a little amatuer-ish, but that's exactly what I am, so please answer friendly-like

cheers :0)

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Maybe your Dads pissed because hes shooting blanks :P
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Maybe your Dads pissed because hes shooting blanks :P
Gibson quality isn't all it's cracked up to be. I was playing a studio model at GC the other day that still had paint on the sides of the 15th fret and above. Not what I'd expect from at $1300 guitar.

I played an epi LP for a while and really liked it. I swapped the bridge pickup for a Pearly Gates. Though I'd suggest leaving the standard tuners on or get some replacement klusons. They let the head ring more. I put Grovers on mine and it killed the guitars tone.

Essentially epi's are the same guitars, but with cheaper hardware and pickups. Made outside of the US. Korean epi's are quite sought after and should you find one. Get it. I just swapped a LP double cut that I played for years. Got an LTD EC1000 OMG! Shred!
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Almost nothing, I bought a Les Paul and SG (both epi) yesterday for a great price and I love them!
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gibsons are a lot more solidly built, not the best build quality like they'll want you to believe, but still VERY good compared to epiphones. On the whole they are very solid, nice playing, nice sounding guitars, but hardly £1000 better than the epiphone "equivalent".
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i bought a 1966 reissue epi SG and i love it. very few tiny differences between it and the gibson sg i played also.
I know a guy who bought a epi les paul gold top (for 500 dollars I think, not too sure). He customized the hell out of it and now I would take that guitar over any gibson out there, it sounds that good, and it is valued at over 1200 dollars. I have an Epi Les Paul Standard and I love it. The factory pickups aren't as good as Gibson LPs, so I took mine out and put in Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded open coil humbuckers and now it sounds amazing. I think that with a little work, epis can sound as good or even better than factory gibsons.
I own an EPi LP special ($150), a line 6 spider 3 15 watt amp ($100) and a digitech rp150 processor ($100) and I can get practically any sound from this set up. I've been reading lots of posts about which amps are good and how ppl dislike Line 6 amps and stuff abt really good expenxive guitars etc...Ive never played or heard an expensive guitar or amp so I cant comment on those but I do listen to music albums on cd and on the radio and my rig can get most of those sounds and it sounds very similar to whats on the cd, so Id suggest going to a guitar shop and trying out stuff and if u like the sounds u get from it and it fits in ur budget then go fr it
a good quality gibson will ALWAYS be better than a good quality Epiphone. the price tag may be 2-3000 dollars more than the epi, but it WILL sound better. understand there are a few dud gibsons but the good ones are good. you just have to play each one individually and see for yourself which gibson is good. also play it through a high quality tube amp at high volume to really see the tone differences.
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