Poll: How much BODY hair do you have?
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No body hair whatsoever (??)
0 0%
little, but it's there
24 26%
pretty average
30 33%
above average
28 31%
I'm like bigfoot :p:
9 10%
Voters: 91.
Ive realized that I have little body hair, but one of my friends could pass of as a bear

Btw, don't count head hair

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On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 9.

I hate it. Summer sucks balls. It's mainly my chest, I don't care about legs, arms, face or whatever (cept the back...that'll come in a few years LOL). But yeah...I hate being hairy

Oh well, life goes on

EDIT: Not really 9 LOL ...more like 7ish
Very little. I got the normal pubes, armpit, and head. That's IT.

Oh yeah, minor leg hair. Not visible from a distance.
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Definitely above average for my age. Face and upper body is pretty much the only ones left and I'll move up a category. Gotten started already, of course .
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I'd say about an eight and a half, arms are slightly hairy and I can't grow facial hair for shit, apart from that I'm a hairy bastard haha
I guess I have normal amount of hair. I get almost a full beard. My arms and legs do have hair but no so much that I look like an ape. One funny thing is that I have long body hair. SO, instead of being dense, it's long and the follicles are farther away from each other. The longest hair on my arm is about 3/4 of an inch.LOL As for chest, armpits & pubes, I trim them.
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very hairy legs and arms, hairy belly, starting to develop chest hair. Hair on my hands and feet. The obviously like pubes, armpit hair, facial hair and head hair.
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About 7-8 I'd say. Hairy face, arms, chest, stomach, groin, arse, back and legs. I'm just thankful I'm blonde, if I had dark hair it'd show up much, much worse.
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My chest is really hairy, as are my arms like near my shoulders down to my elbows, although my forearms aren't
I have quite a lot. My arms aren't that hairy, but my legs are (apart from where I've been clawing at them due to eczema), I've got a layer of fur down my back and likewise on the front.
From the waist down I'm ridiculously hairy, above that not so much.


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Not alot. I have to shave every day or second day to stay tidy, but everywhere else is pretty tame. About average.
I look like the bastard son of Robin Williams and Chewbacca.

I'm so hairy it'll make a Christian believe in evolution...
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Quite hairy. I shave a lot.
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A lot unfortunately.
When I step out of the bath or shower, it all lays down flat on my skin and I suddenly turn from a white man into Bigfoot, all covered in hair.
it's embarrassing.
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