I am looking for a few practice techniques that someone may know to help me greatly improve my guitar playing ASAP.

The ideal thing that i could think of is anything that incorporates things like muting, slides, hammering, picking and a bunch of other things along with the notes to play with it. I have messed around on my own, but i can't really create a good routine. PLEASE HELP!

Does anyone have any tabs or youtube videos or something that fits what i'm looking for? I basically just want to increase my speed and proficiency in a wide variety of areas, in as little of time possible. (And who doesnt want to accomplish that?)
Alright, Ill have to take a look at this when i get off of work and i'll let you know. Thanks for the help.
Look in the guest columns on the home page. At the bottom there is a column called "How To Practice Guitar With A Limited Amount Of Time".
Yeah it's a pretty cool lesson, it incorporates alot of really good techniques into one little riff such as alt picking, sliding, tapping while bending, sweeping, and hybrid picking. It's really good to warm up on or whatever and only takes a little bit of time time to learn.