Hi Ug ,

I am considering to buy a new guitar soon , I like the Fender Classic series especially the 50's and 70's. So its probably gonna be one of those and I will swap the bridge pickup for a hotrail or something equal so I can achieve some heavier tones ( Metallica )

No the thing is I probably gonna sale my washburn X10 (first guitar ) and my epi Firebird V to collect the money for the fender.
Would you guys do it ? The washburn is just collecting dust , and I can't really handle the firebird ...

Oh yeah , for you guys starting to ask what my amp is , it's an orange rocker 30!

P.S. ( any suggestions for the bridge pickup in the fender to get the metallica tones ( that means the cleans & the distorted tones )

Thanks in advance !
if you dont need two/three guitars I would sell them to afford a new one... but if your playing much live etc. i think it would be cleaver to keep one in backup. but otherwise sell em!
Well, maybe look at a Lonestar Deluxe Strat aswell, so you already have a humbucker in the bridge, not to mention it's a nice guitar.

And, definatly try a few guitars out aswell, maybe a Tele Custom or Deluxe which have humbuckers in them, and maybe a Les Paul and things. Just to say, the Classic Series is designed to be very vintage correct, so you might find bending and things more difficult than a normal Strat or Tele with that radius. Which could be solved by getting a new neck and things, but that costs quite a bit of money. Not to mention, you'll have to put some new decals on it if you get it from Warmoth or something like that.

But, if you've played the guitar(s) and you like them, sell your guitars when you've got a price that will cover the cost of the Fender. But you also might have to save a bit of money aswell, because the Classic Series guitars are the high end MIM models, and will cost a hell of a lot more than an Epi Firebird and the Washburn combined.

Just to say, I have a Classic Player 50s Strat, and if you want a 50s one with some modern features and better stock pickups, get that one. It's a good gutiar.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
Ok thanks !
Well I was looking for the classic series because its in my price range + the more better line of the mim strats.
I havent played them yet so far , but I definitley need a maple neck , so thats already a no for the 60's ....

And when you say that its harder to bend or solo the classic series , do you mean it in a way that it can be annoying or just that you get used to it ?
(and I want to go for the classic strat look , so preferably SSS )