Hi there.

I just wanted to ask those of you who own this pedal, where do you place this pedal usually? It's just that I am having problems with noise still, even though this is meant to reduce gain.

My pedal setup is as follows

In the loop:

DD5> MXR Micro Amp

Input signal:

TS9>Crybaby95Q>ISP Decimator into a DSL 100

I am finding I get more hum than when the decimator isn't in the chain. I haven't tried it in the loop yet, but I just wondered if this would actually work? Should I change the pedals about?

I'm not using much gain, about 6 on od1 with the deep switch on.

I did wonder if it was my power supply, it's just a DC 9volt box that lets me power 5 pedals, the only pedal that isn't powered by the DC box is the micro amp as it lasts a long time on a 9 volt battery.

Like I said, the amp hums less without the decimator at the moment, which I am disappointed by, but I am sure I am using this pedal wrongly!

Any help gladly appreciated!

I use mine in front of the amp since it seems to do more for me in terms of feedback that way, but it sounds to me like you're going to want to run yours in the loop.

But, with your >s are you saying that your Decimator is last in your chain before the amp? Try it as your first pedal.
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I thought it was supposed to go in the loop?

You can use it both ways. I actually have two single Decimators. I put one in the loop, and one as my last effect before going into the amp. Works absolutely great this way.
I have it last in the effects chain, before the amp, just hisses a fair bit more than if it was there. The crybaby can be a bit noisy when my toe end is down.

I will try it in the loop, I think it's a series loop if that helps?

I got to try my ISP decimator in the effects loop today, and pleased to say it does work much better. I still get some hum, but I think this is just from being on - I have noticed it's a bit sensitive, can't really turn it above 10, but it does the job pretty well and I'm much more comfortable with this setting.

Thanks for the help,