I've noticed that every bassist I know is an emo, or wannabe emo, is it something that emos like because of Pete Wentz? I may have emo hair and play bass but I dont understand why emos just play bass... ( i do know some emo guitarists and drummers too, but all the bassists I know are emos... )
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Emos go for teh bass because then they can say: "look, nobody loves me! Thats why I play bass, because then nobody takes note of my miserable existance"

Also, everybody who still uses the word emo fails... hey, wait...
becasue emo's are lazy and have no dedication to anythign and thereofer they pick bass cos its easier to learn (no offense to any bassists)
Because it's the easy instrument and emos don't like to put alot of work into things. They are more concerned with wearing womens jeans and dying their hair then actually making music.
It could be because it doesn't take as much dedication to completely master it, it's ripped on by people so they associate with it and want to make themselves seem even more on the outside?
That's just my opinion though. Most of the emos I know have guitars but can't play more than a few notes because they think they're going to pick it up and be famous... maybe that's another reason why...
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