I'm thinking about getting a Vox Amplug Classic Rock Headphone amp for quiet practice. Is it a good deal, or should I avoid it?
I nearly bought one but bought a v-amp 2 instead for the versatility. Very happy with it.
I bought the Amplug AC30 and I'm very happy with it. I haven't heard the Classic Rock version, though what I've read is that it's a bit redundant to the AC30, minus the ac30 type sound.

With my Ibanez RG3 that has high output passive "EMG Designed" buckers, the ac30 amplug can do anything from clean to a good amount of gain... enough for me to practice my Metallica songs, though not enough to really give an authentic Metallica sound.

My strat has lower output alnico II GFS pickups, and with that, the ac30 amplug only has enough overdrive to just start to give the sound a nice overdriven tone. It sounds outstanding for the def leppard stuff that I'm practicing currently, and can also cop a great blues tone. I really like the sound I get with my strat through the AC30 amplug.