I was wondering would it be a good idea to put a EMG 707 in my Ibanez RG 7321. i got the idea from buz from unearth and i like the way that it sounds with just the single pickup. Good or bad idea? And if not can someone give me some other pickups i might want to consider if i want a metal type of sound thanks alot.
While I don't care for Blackouts, they are easier to fit than the EMGs as they are available in a standard size.

But, going with EMG you have a few pickups options available. Blackouts are Blackouts, but EMG offers the 81-7, 707, 707-TW, and 60-7.

Maybe consider the DiMarzio D-activator? It would be the easiest to fit as it doesn't require all new electronics or routing, and it should be powerful enough to give you the sound you're looking for.
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