Youre crying again
Youre in need of a friend
Out in the cold
With no one to hold
Dont worry I'm near
I won't hang up the phone
Or leave you alone
I'm on my way
I'm your personal hero
And I'm here to save the day
Don't worry it's ok
I am here to save the day
I'm here, it's alright
I'll stay through the night

You're crying again
It's three in the morning
And I'm trying to sleep
You scream at me
Like I'm your problem
And you begin to weep
Its my fault, I got involved
And now I'm in too deep
I wish I could, I want to help
But I'm too tired to speak

I'm sorry, It's ok
I will try to save the day
Your hero just for tonight
I can't always fight your fight

You're crying again
I don't know what time it is
And I don't care
You don't want my help
Or need my comfort
You want me stay all night
Well I'm through, with you
This is not my fight
I'm nobody's hero
I'm trying to survive the night

I'm sorry, I'm not your hero
I'm sorry, I sleep at night
I'm sorry, I got pulled below
I'm sorry, This isn't my fight