Ok im going to make a effects rack or what ever you wanna call it.

I need some ideas on effect.And what order is a good way to put it
1.I have a wah
2.I wanna buy a digitech whammy - not much discussion there
3.Delay - I'm looking for a buckethead type delay pedal. So anyone recomment a good delay.
4.Acoustic simulator- And recommendations on that, im not really looking for it to sound like an acoustic guitar but i want some nice simulation when on stage for a quick switch between acoustic and electric.
5.EQ Pedal- Recommendations.

Also if anyone has a good site on how to build a pedal case to hold all this.
Something like, Whammy, Wah, Acoustic simulator, EQ then Delay, I believe that would be the route to go.


that stuff I typed was off the top of my head, but it seems right.

Building a pedal case. . .. don't know if it's on there but check out

www.buildthemusic.com it's a friend of mines site.

Ohhhh and about the buckethead delay, I'm sure he has one, but he uses a Killswitch on his guitar that gives a creepy sound, just check out Killswitch's and buckethead on youtube and make sure that isn't what you are talking about.
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a buckethead type of delay? delays dont give you tone, they just delay. check out boss's delays they are really good.
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