i picked up a holy grail from a pawn shop not too long ago
and, well it works fine alot of the time but sometimes it starts acting stupid
its kinda hard to describe
its like the reverb turns into a stupid wall of stupid sound
i almost wanna say its like fuzz, but its more like ugly feedback
or somewhere in between if you can imagine

anyone experience something like this?
i think it might be linked to the power jack, if i mess with it the sound kinda fluctuates
also though if i turn the knob down the ugly sound goes down, so maybe its linked to something else...
whats weird is that my guitar is completely audible through all this
i mean yeah the noise is annoying but th can stil play over it and hear myself well
again, like the reverb turns into ugly noise

any ideas?
I want it.

I like ugly sound.

I mix ugly sound with more ugly sound to create not ugly sound.