So my mic stand had a standard head on it that my clothespin mic clip screwed perfectly onto. I recently bought a <a href="http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/product/AKG-Perception-220-Condenser-Microphone?sku=271291">AKG Perception</a> condenser mic which included a shock mount.

Now the problem i have is that the shock mount does not screw onto the head of the mic stand like the clothespin clip did. The head of the stand is a male head, but the end of the shock mount is also a male head. Is there anything extra i need to know about mounting the shock mount on the stand, or do i just need to hit up GC and buy another adapter?
yer its probably just a kinda adapter thing, that will come of with a screw driver.
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yeah thanks, i found it. It apparently had another adapter in there that i didn't realize i could remove it. It fits perfectly on now.