If I had a dime for everytime I heard a teacher or adult in some superior position than myself "STDs don't make you look cool" I'd be rich... hell we all would be. But is that true? Do they really not make you look cool? Well of course its not true... I mean honestly if you were 14 or 15 (well most people here are but thats beside the point) and saw a video of Paris Hilton playing some amazing penizorz, then finishing her job, then going off to the side to scratch her crotch, and the camera kept her in view peripherally while Nicole Richie was being filmed from the stage (which I have seen) would you not think STDs were the coolest thing in the world? Everytime you see pictures or videos of your favorite sluts scratching crotches does it not urge you that much more to get STDs? **** teachers wouldn't make such a big deal about it being cool if it wasn't. All I'm saying is that the germs naysayers need to stop using the whole "its not cool" thing to turn people off. It is cool, as exemplified by this awesome picture of my idol:

I'm not saying its good for you, but catching virus damn sure makes you look cool.
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They are cool!!!!

I'll trade you my gonorrhea for your clamidia
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They are cool!!!!

I'll trade you my gonorrhea for your clamidia


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