Hi, my band are having trouble finding band members, right now there's only 2 of us, both guitarist and we knw 4 other guitarists who want to join.

Here's our idea, the other guitarist takes up bass (starts lessons in January), get another guitarist and have me do vocals and guitar. Like that all we need is a drumer.

Would this work?

thanks in advance
just find a bassist, ask around. you could get a full line up before january.
If you are capable of singing and playing simultaneously, the other guitarist is able to play bass at a level that will support the band and the new guitarist is good enough... and if you find a drummer.

Maybe would be my final answer...

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well theorteically it could. Is the potenial bassist have the ability to start a new instrument.

Keep in mind any guitarist can play bass, but not every guiarist can play bass well.

What style of music for the bassist? Do you plan on having him just play measure of the root note like pop punk bands. Or do you want a funk inspired slap bass?

Can you sing? can you do it well? do you have versiatility?

Sure it will work. Just because someone plays guitar doesnt limit their other musical expierence, but playing guitar doesnt meant youll be good at anything else
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go for it, but they all might want to play guitar on some tracks. so beware future conflicts
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well we HAD a drumer and a pianist who we fired, now I guess either the guitarist (who want's to learn bass) or I can sing and get better with lessons, the thing is that bassists practically don't exist where I live, I know 2 bassists and both play in 4 different bands at the same time, we don't have much of a choice