My Bridge pickup sounds too bright - do i add a capacitor? or what should I do?

Has anybody changed the bridge pickup sound.

one MIM strat has an H the other MIM strat has an S pickup
Tone knob?
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You can raise and lower the pickup. It sounds to me like you need to lower the height of the treble side of the pickup or raise the bass side of the pickup. Adjusting pickup height is something a lot of people forget, but it worked wonders for some of my pickups that were muddy as hell.
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Tone knob?
the problem is, there IS no tone knob for the bridge pickup on a Fender Strat.

adjusting the height of the bridge pickup will change both the volume and the tone.
higher will be louder and darker. lower will be quieter and brighter.
if that solves your problem, fine. adjustments are easy.

if not, you might consider changing the wiring to the tone pots.
instead of having one pot for the neck and the other for the middle,
wire it so one of the pots does the neck and middle
and the other pot does the bridge.
this is a common modification.
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ok, thanks,

is anyone using a TBX tone control on their Strat?

are you using TBX for tone or as a master volumn control?

I'd like to know the pros & cons on that.

wonder what is sounds like.
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the problem is, there IS no tone knob for the bridge pickup on a Fender Strat.

Uh oh...the tone on my bridge pickup is adjusted with the bottom tone knob....did I wire my start incorrectly?

Not a big deal, I'm adding a tbx kit to it very soon, so I'll be re-wiring it anyway.
I wired mine so the neck tone and the bridge tone are the same pot. Since these pickups are never on simulataneously at once, then you can still adjust the tone on any of the 5 available pickup configurations, where you can adjust the tone on either of the active pickups.
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^nice idea actually. I might do that to my strat when I add my new caps...
Just move the tone from middle to bridge. That's the configuration I prefer: the middle pickup sounds way better without tone attached and positions 2 and 4 benefit from this change.

I have texas special pickups on noe of my strat: since the bridge has a lot more output moving the away from the strings gives you volume balance and a fatter tone.