Right just went to the guitar shop. Tried a PRS SC it was really nice but not worth 3 times the schecter.

Q1 What is better about it..just the woods?
Q2 when i played the PRS it enhanced my playing eg vibrato bends etc almost like it was scalloped. Is this because of the setup or what?
Q3 The PRS was natural and felt open nice and resonant. Would it be good to sand down the back of the schecter eg neck body etc to make it more resonant?

this is the PRS BTW http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJyIyZ-SyxQ
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Q1) It's a very good guitar, even though I'm not to keen on it and like to slag PRSs off
Q2) Better guitars are usually easier to play, so yeah.
Q3) It's usually up to the woods that do that, sanding down the paint wouldn't do much, if not anything.

So yeah. It's a good guitar, it's easier to play most likely and it's made of a good quality wood.
Cam Sampbell's my hero
but ive played better guitars like blackmachines and even they werent so expressionate even the guy on the youtube clip sounds the same.