Ok i'm pretty new to this so bear with.
Few questions really.
1. Can you run a mic/vocals through a guitar amp?
2. Is there a "best" way to set up all the amps and everything so the whole crowd can here everything (we're talk 30-100 people bars here)
3. Is it possible to do smallish gigs without a PA? just amps?
1. Yes, but it doesn't sound very good and having a single set of speakers will mean that some if not most of the crowd won't be able to hear you very well. Also - there will be no means of monitoring for the vocalist.

2. Unless your stage is huge (like theatre size) where you put the amps won't matter so much. Tilting them up can help projection as would putting it on top of some milk crates.

3. For any crowd size apart from a tiny café you would need a "bare bones PA". That is a microphone, mixer, power amp and at least two speakers.

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