Okay its between one of these TWO! help me decide which one

Ibanez RGT6EXFX-heres the link- http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-RG120-Eletric-Guitar?sku=518870

Its neck thru,no tremelo bar(i dont care for it)EMG's! 85and 81 flat thin neck i think!?!? and just read the rest on the link! more details.

AND THE 2ND ESP KH-602 heres the LINK- http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-KH602-Kirk-Hammett-Signature-Guitar?sku=516641&src=3WWRWXGB&ZYXSEM=0

Extra thin U shape neck(extra!) and two 81 pickups, tremelo bar.

KH-602=800-1,000 OFF EBAY. 1,000 new
for sure its one of these ima get need your help deciding which one.i started learning how to shred lol can finnaly get sweeps down fast with no mistakes so yeah.. gonna be with this guitar 4eva!

so which one do you guys think would be more comfortable stuff like that! also does the 85 make a differnce! or not really...THANKS
Well, if you said you don't need the tremolo bar go with the Ibanez, also, if you prefer the 81 in the neck, you can always swap it for less than it would cost to buy the KH-602.
I would go with the Ibanez, especially if you change tunings a lot.

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You should really go to the store and try them out. But I would get the Ibanez, because the ESP is IMO overpriced and its a damn sig guitar. And if this is your first guitar ever, you shouldn't even be in this price range. A better guitar is a reward, only after you feel like your current cannot handle your type of music or that you've outgrown it.
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hahahaha this cracks me up

but anyways -- Go to guitar center and play the one that feels best to you. What other guitar do you have, are you sure you need to spend that much money? I have been playing for 10 years or so and the most expensive guitar I have picked up is 600 or so.

I'm a cheapo, I know, but a cheap guitar doean't mean a bad guitar. My favorite guitar for metal only cost me 130 and my rip off strat that i got for 50 sounds and plays better then many of the american strats.
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* Alder body
* 3-piece maple neck
* Extra thin U-shaped neck
* 25.5" scale
* Rosewood fingerboard
* Neck-thru-body construction
* design
* Dual EMG-81 pickups
* Original Floyd Rose tremolo
* 24 extra-jumbo frets
* Skull and bones inlays
* Black hardware
* ESP-LTD tuners
* 2 volume, tone, and 3-way switching controls

To get the real Kirk sound, you need the real Kirk guitar. Order today.

I'd still recommend this one though, floyd fanatic.
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the guitar i got is from ebay (nasty les paul body shape) and umm brand name douglas lol
im a ibanez fan.

but my i suggest that you check out the

Ibanez RGA121.
i have one and its fantastic. lol the neck on it is faster then the wizzard neck and the pick ups have a wider range of tone. i use it mainly to play in a metal band and it tears shit up. its a guitar that you can grow into becase honestly who knows what style of music your goin to want to play in 3 or 4 years. and the RGA121 can get it all done!

but if its between the the ibanez and the ltd get the Ibanez RGT6EXFX.
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If you have a Guitar Center in your area, or another large guitar store, go try out a bunch of guitars. You'll probably find one better than both of those
im just tryin to give you some good advice dude. beacase ive gone through so many guitars trying to find that one that could handle playing anything. and RGA121 is the most versatile guitar ive ownd and honestly i never thought i would say that about a ibanez electric guitar. haha
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Line 6 DL4
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