Pedals: Shipping included in price.

Dunlop Crybaby Wah: 45 shipped - this comes with a power adapter
Digitech XTF Stereo Flanger: 45 shipped
Danelectro Fab Chorus: 13 shipped
MXR Phase 90: 45 shipped
Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive: 30 shipped
Boss TU2 Tuner: 60 shipped
Boss DD3 Digital Delay: 65 shipped
**Monte Alum Boss DS-1 Rectifier/Ultra w/ 3 way switch: 45 shipped** - this one is pretty sweet

Musicians Gear pedalboard (no velcro included, power cables and case included): 45 shipped.
Roland Microcube: 70 shipped

I'm going to put up a picture of the pedalboard and microcube when I get home later. The pedals are all in great condition. They have velcro on the bottom (excluding the wah)

If you purchase more than 1, i might be able to do a deal. I'm looking to get a multieffects unit to have less stuff to deal with. also might be willing to negotiate

PM me if interested
what kinda deal could you give me on the
Danelectro Fab Chorus
and the
Digitech Bad Monkey overdrive
great seller
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i could probably chop off a few dollars. 3 - 5

awsome well i get paid thursday so if they are still here then i will message you and we can work something out (also just asking to make sure will you take a money order i dont have a credit card and cant do paypal,)
i'm fine accepting a money order, although paypal is preferred. I would wait until i received your payment to send the stuff
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Crybaby and Pedalboard for a Metal Muff?
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how much for the phase 90 and flange?
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someone already has a hold on the phase 90

I'd prefer not to go lower on the flanger
phase 90 and DS-1 sold!

40 for the pedal board
60 for the microcube - no negotiations on the price of either
Danelectro Chorus sold!

Digitech Bad monkey now 25 shipped

pedal board can power 6 pedals and I'll include some connector cables

Pictures of Pedal board and microcube

did you get my pm? Are you willing to ship the crybaby to the uk? And if so how much?
bad monkey OD sold.

Flanger and DD3 pending Sale.

$50 for the TU2 Boss Tuner anyone??? (shipped price)