Hello again, and yes i am doing this by hand this time (simultanious the strat).
i got the wood today specs are:
African mahogany, 2inche x 6 inches x 5 feet 2 pieces

guitar specs
neck through (one of the pieces)
+ 2 wings from the other two pieces

Personal specs:
Luthier experience 5... out of 10000000 Next level : Ormsby, point needed: 9999995

this build will take ages since i have no funds for hardwear.. tools i can get around

current tools : chizels, jigsaw, sander... hand saw... hands



this design is open for discussion, im gonna do alterations as i go due to wat ill want on it


open to opinions! (note ill have to redraw design.. i think its slightly unbalanced) hoping to make it as thin as an SG!
Well... the design looks goofy. The horns look way too big for the bottom end. Why don't you just start with the designs for an ESP Viper and make the horns longer? That's basically what you drew...
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I was told, that 12 inches just isn't enough.

I told my wife she was far too greedy and set about getting wood for another reason, guitar building. A knowledgeable person on here, stated that a 12 inch wide plank, isn't enough for even a strat.

You do have the option of making a a 3 piece body of course.
12'' will get you an RG shape, barely. However, since its neckthrough, remember that there is a 3'' wide or so neck-through tenon going through, so 3 + 6 + 6 = well enough width to build most types of bodies.
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I don't like the bottom of your body design, you should redesign it to make it more natural, also you shouldn't make the bottom straighter
its very dan donegan. cool shit man.
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I was told, that 12 inches just isn't enough.

That's what SHE SAID!

Aww, poor skeet...
but back on topic...
sweet beans!

thats what im not sure about c cuz i dont want the SG shape with symmetrical horns, so i will have one high then the other, but i might even the bottom end out like and SG cuz i was thinking of puting a bigsby on it (full tail piece like the b700)

btw one of the pieces will be used for neck (5 inches across for body, then taper out neck, and then used the second piece for the wings so id get 5 + 5 +5 = 15 inches approx, in worst case i know for sure ill have excess wood)

my question is what neck angle should i do? the body will b approx 1.5 inches should i just maximize the angle? ( i think at most i can get 2 degrees at the neck joint)
this design looks better to me i think, ill re draw the final design which will then be transposed onto the wood, but for now ill leave the design like that with a bigsby B5 or B50 for the tail peice and work on the wood, will keep u guys posted (the wood is striaght from the mill... needs ALOT of work)

^ I like that design better.

I think you should have no neck angle, and just recess the bridge I'm not sure if you can do that with Bigsby ones, but I guess I'll find out soon enough.
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ok some questions, i wanna use a hot rod truss rod, what length should i use? 18 inches? and also, what fret size is common for gibsons? medium/medium?
Yeah the 18" is the one you want.

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But not one from StewMac, I've heard they really aren't good. Doringer or something I think is the brand name a lot of people recommend.
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^ yea thats right^
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ok so ive decided for sure to be cheap and make an SG instead, without a pickguard, most likely a gibsby (gonna try to c if the long ones fit like b700 i think) wine red stain, graph nut, alcino II pro pups.... klukson (or similar keystone tuners, not metal keystones tho) ummm chrome hardwear, heres the design in CAD, i took it off guitar builder and put the neck to proper scale...

I have the cad files availble (right now front side only cuz im doing neck through, so my prifle view is gonna b diff, this is to 24.75 neck scale but IN METRIC, pm me with ur email and i can send u cad file (specify if u want the file with all dimensions on it, or just measure urself with a cad file without dimensions)

I have talked to a family friend in the tool shop business and he's cool with me using his tools (band saws routes / w/e i need for the guitar, SO if i do all my study for my three midterms this week and map out the wood, i might b able to get it cut monday, lets hope that one hour we get will help!)

heres the CAD...

I liked the original design. but, I think you should make it so the body is somewhat shaped like a parallelogram, like a firebird but with SG horns. The reason the original design looks sortof awkward is cause the lower bout is much shorter than the upper bout. Shaped kinda like a trapezoid.
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ok some questions, i wanna use a hot rod truss rod, what length should i use? 18 inches? and also, what fret size is common for gibsons? medium/medium?

I think 18" is the hot rod's regular guitar size they say on the page. Stewmac's medium frets are pretty small you would want jumbo for a gibson type.
so here are the CAD printouts, like stated before i tweaked the originals to proper scale and stuff like that, and made them to fit my wood, will go into the shop next monday

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theres one problem with the plans.. the bass side of the bridge is supposed to be 1/8th inch farther from the nut than the treble side..
yea i know, i have that on the hand drawn plans, the CAD i couldnt tilt the bridge, these plans im mainly using as an outline for cuting, profile and routing, not hardwear install
aside from last weeks exams and tomorrow's exam i got lucky to go into the shop for the very first time and use wat seemed to be the oldest ever band saw... with the original blade... designed for steel. anywho after a paintful hour of busting my ass and abs against this machine i got something out of those 2 pieces of wood that looks like this:

Very nice grain match on the left and center piece i didnt check the right piece yet

full body shot with cad printout

side shot with cad

side shot without cad

i was able to get nice thin veneer pieces to cover like 6 headstocks.. i may use this one for the sg.

now comes the gruling task of sanding and leveling the pieces, but i think first of all ill cut a rough neck shape before sanding the top down ( i didnt want to use the bandsaw on it because it would have made too many unneeded groves, will take of the rest by hand/jugsaw/rasp files, and sand paper.
some more small cuts... now i need some real tools cuz what im using is disgusting.