I'm doing a paper on the physics of paintball, but im having trouble finding information. I found some stuff that would be good, but its just a collection of info from different places and has a buch of references, so i don't exactly know how to cite that stuff. Does anyone know where I could get some info on this stuff?
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you can use plenty of physics textbooks in the library and perhaps your school.

a couple things to consider would be newtonian motion, momentum, and the conservation of energy. look at your paintball gun and it's mechanics. what have you studied in physics that could perhaps be used in this paper? if you see a spring, use the spring constant equation.

but you really need to mostly focus on newton's 3 laws of motion.
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You could talk about how high pressure goes to low pressure which affects the velocity + aim of the paintball. Talk about how the barrel affects the ball.

Of course newton's laws on how the paintball flies but the gun doesn't.

as said above, projectile motion, angle it's shot, how long it's in the air and why (earth's gravity)

all that good stuff. it ain't hard dude. you can do it, i believe in ya

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Yeah, I what to include as far as newtons 3 laws, velocity, air resistance, etc., but I need info on what exactly that stuff has to do with paintball. I probably could just do it all myself based on what i've learned in class and what I know about paintball, but I need 3 resources as a requirement for the paper.
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Look up projectile motion


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