First off, I don't know anything about drum machine technology so don't tell me to use the SEARCHBAR.

I was wondering what I should get if I am looking to write some original tracks on bass with a drum sound. I don't want anything fancy, I just want something that has drum sounds on it, and maybe something that I can click to change the tempo or add/take out drums or cymbols. I would like it to be on the computer but I wouldn't mind if it was a pedal of sorts. (Just needs to be easy to use)

Any ideas?

BTW...I didn't post this in the Pit or in the Guitar area because I believe the Bass Players IQ is significantly higher than those people.
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At my church we use this one:

It's simple, has several user preset slots and has adjustable tempo/rhythm.
You can also just search "drum machines" at your favorite music store website and see what there is.

EDIT: Thanks for the compliment, it shows that you have been here before. It's true, we bassists are generally smarter, not to mention funnier and better looking...
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