Just found out more about my vintage Kustom amp. It was built back in 1969, it's solid state, not tube. I had no idea that they were using solid state gear back in those days. I was told also that fender tried to come out with a line of solid state amps back then, however, they weren't as successful as Kustom was with their line.
Yeah, transistor amps have been around for years. Vox made a nice one, but I can't remember what it was called.

As long as it sounds nice, there's nothing wrong with it!

And pics, just to be the regular UGer
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Old Kustom SS amps are some of the best out there.

John Fogerty says that hes never had a better rhythm guitar tone than he got from his 60s Kustoms.
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there was this old Sunn solid state my buddy and I used to jam on all the time.

my god that was a KICKASS amp. the tone was phenomenal, when used with a nice overdrive pedal like my SD-2

your amp might be SS, but it isn't necessarily bad
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Theres a big difference between late 60s SS and alot of the junk made today. You have a late 60s SS that still works, doubt any modern SS will be working 30 years from now. Its hard to keep some of the new stuff working for longer than the warranty lasts. Kustom is known for their early SS stuff.
Good to hear the thumbs up on this oldie. I'll post some pics later tonight. The only thing that I know that's wrong with it is the little blue light on the front is burned out. But hey... It's how old now? Almost 40? Damn.. That's an OLD amp. It's almost as old as I am.