so there's this competition going on in my town on the 15th and i want to enter, like i'm not a bad guitarist and i know i can do well, i just need things to practice for this competition.

right now im working on butlers bag (the guitar duel from crossroads) and it's coming along, but i'm better and faster at 3 note per string runs.

i also don't want to shred the whole time, but i still want to do some tough riffs, some memorable stuff.

so i;m pretty much just asking, what are some good things to play for a "shred" competition?

thx in advance

EDIT: also it has to last about 3 minutes

umm... I think you mean "Eugene's trick bag".

Practice some COB sweeps. You should look at some Yngwie Malmsteen licks too.
If you're into 3 notes per string, try Scarified or Scit Scat Wah by Racer X. If you like sweeping, try Altitudes by Jason Becker.
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oh yea, also hate sweeping haha.

competition is in like 2 weeks so i dont have time to learn some serious sweeps

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umm... I think you mean "Eugene's trick bag".

right sorry

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try Curse of Castle Dragon by Paul Gilbert.

I was about to suggest this.