hopefully this isn't considered a spam thread considering theres no recorded material to listen to or leave a critique on..

but i just find that a lot of the threads on here lead to a link, people ask to leave a crit usually about their playing, or perhaps their recording efforts.. with little regard to what their tunes actually mean. (if anything, cause hey some of them don't have the lyrics done yet.. and thats ok.)

so hey! post a link to your original song! and tell us a story about it!

i suppose i could go first.

These Children walk alone

essentially a song of self discovery and quick open ended commentary on how quickly a child can be steered the 'wrong way'

most people may think its a tune about war and is perhaps touches on about the use of child soliders that have been used in recent wars. this thought isn't necessarily wrong, but its also for children who are raised in ghettos and fall into gang violence, for children on native american reserves who fall into a life of alcoholism or other problems, or for any kid who grew up under difficult times and has yet to get themselves off the streets and clean from bad habits.

essentially a compassionate take on those who were born without a fighting chance to be in a environment of love and how important it is to simply, understand.

preachy.. ok.

but now share yours!
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.
Cool tune, miles from my style but well played for sure. The kick drum is insane. I'm assuming those are programmed? Nice work.

Cool concept for a thread but personally I don't write music to MEAN any given thing to any one person at any given time. I'm aware that alot of great songs have a meaning some more blatant and in your face than others. My songs are instrumental, and without lyrics it's hard to describe of or even conceive of a meaning. That is not to say that there is NO meaning in instrumental music, it just isn't as transparent. I prefer to think of songs as having the ability to mean more than one thing to more than one person at any time. Maybe the feeling you get when you're listening, maybe a memory or past experience that somehow comes to mind. Even if I did have lyrics, I would still subscribe to this theory. But it does all come down to personal preference and method of writing. Anyways, feel free to hit up my myspace and let me know what you think my songs mean to you!



p.s. Victoria eh? You ever heard of a band called The Turnpike Bandits?
awesome man! this is exactly what i had in mind for people to respond to this thread

meanings, feelings, and invoked memories! they're all very important.

and i do believe i have heard of the turnpike bandits, think i've at least seen a poster or 2 of their show adverts around town.
Grammar and spelling omitted as an exercise for the reader.