I have a Line 6 Spider II, now I while ago I read these are horrible (ahah around a year after purchasing) and year on I am really starting to notice tone and really appreciate it, and realise who awful sounding my amp is. I have a reasonable guitar and all my friends have told me upgrade amp first, as this is where the most difference in tone will come from.

I rarely play with friends, for transport issues which i won't go into, so I don't want an amp which has a huge amount of wattage.
I like the sound of tube amps, and I am looking to spend around £400 (definitely not exceeding £450 - 500), maybe less.
Are tube amps which can perform high gain/ distortion at a low volume or are these not possible?

I have read about the Fender Pro Junior but I would prefer something which has more tone control and seperate volume controls so I can still achieve gain at low volumes.
I do not have much time to read into all the intricacies of amps however because my birthday is in two weeks and I am running out of time in which to choose one in!

What amps should I be looking at for this price and is a tube amp right for me? I enjoy playing all kinds of music, from blues to hard rock and alternative etc.
Can you suggest a few good ones to look at in the £300 - £400 price area?

I am also considering buying with my own money a Line 6 POD 2.0, I don't have need of the latest version (X3?) and the 2.0 is now available for about £80... so it is much better value for me! Would people reccomend purchasing this? I don't have any other effects boxes/ pedals.

Thank you for your help!
Thanks for the suggestions!

So is it possible to get distortion at pleasant volume levels for family + neighbours? Or are gain and distortion slightly different? I like having the option of distortion but I don't want to damage my ears or piss other people off (most the time hehe)
This question is probably pretty noobish haha, but despite playing for two years I have never really gotten into that technical side of things, so am not very knowledgeable
gain and distortion are pretty much the same thing...if your thinking about overdrive and distortion, there the same thing also. But, how heavy do you want to get?
High gain, loww wattage tube amps aren't really possible because of the larger transformers needed to get that high gain.
Laney VC30
id definately say its between the peavey and the orange TT112, but for volume reasons id go for the TT, its your best shot, just buy a really nice OD and your set.
Quote by Ghold125
gain and distortion are pretty much the same thing...if your thinking about overdrive and distortion, there the same thing also. But, how heavy do you want to get?

I don't know how heavy amps can get, but basically just enough for hard rock, I rarely play any metal, and only stuff which is not very distorted by metal standards. I guess Guns n Roses are as distorted as I really want and they don't use much?

I like the sound of the Laney VC30 from the reviews I've read, I'll have to try one out at some point. Second would be the orange, because I don't need a huge amount of watts... would the POD 2.0 also be a worthwhile investment? I'm interested in doing some recording, and I would love the flexibility of tone and effects it will give... I have seen a friends and I have to say it seems good

Thanks so much for all the help
I think the TT would be best if you wanted to record (7w/15w swtich) will give you great tones.