say i want to cover a song (we will fall together by streetlight manifesto) is it possible to get music for the winds or do i have to figure it out all by ear ugh that wouldnt be fun.....
Winds? As in woodwinds? I've never heard woodwinds in ska.

But yeah, you'll probably have to figure it out by ear. Or maybe you can get someone who plays a woodwind instrument to figure it out. They'll probably have an easier time distinguishing the individual instruments in the section.
Yeah, they aren't winds. Closest brass to a wind is the sax cause it uses a reed.

Anyways, sorry, can't help you find sheet music for it =/
yea winds are any instrument that uses wind a woodwind is like sax clarinet etc....but there is a sax in streetlight manifesto
Man I like ska but I always hate all those trumpets and crap.
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Saxes are woodwinds.

And try horn tabs.

It's like doing it by ear but they give you note names to help you.

's how I learned to play the head melody to "Saint Thomas" on trombone.
Try using the chords and scales in the guitar tabs to help figure out the horn parts.

Also, moved to tab talk.
I suggest horntabs.net ....... It's a really good archive, like the UG for the brass world, and also covers saxophone as well....
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Quote by axeslash
Man I like ska but I always hate all those trumpets and crap.

If you want to play ska, find some people who play those instruments found in a ska band.