I know the Minor blues scale and can improv decently...but I really want to go the extra mile and get it sounding really great. But it just sounds average and nothing special most of the time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nik-N_O2uTE <<< How does this guy get his improv to sound so good with a simple scale?

Should I just try to find different not combos that sound pretty good together and eventually add them together to improv?

Or should I just practice and experiment and it will get better overtime?

I need to get some Backing track CD's or sometype of backing track so maybe that will sound better with a track behind it

Thanks for any advice.
Feel for it :P, and yeah, combos are important, if you just mesh up everthing you know into it then.. yeah
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learn lots of licks in that scale and use those or variations of those in your playing. experiment with the scale alot too and ull come up with ur own licks. eventually ull even be able to hear a the note u r about to hit in your head before you hit it and that will give you an advantage. and i find it is kinda hard to sound ood on your own if you dont know the scale really well. backing tracks help alot and you kinda get a feel for the backing track and come up with interesting phrasings.

also know as many techniques as you can those add to your improvising and know what chords are in a backing track and what notes will sound good with what chords.

and watch this:

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Put the guitar down for a while and just sit listening to chord progressions and try to think stuff up in your head.
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First, try transcribing licks from guys who use Pentatonics, ie, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Angus Young. The bulk of these guys style comes from Pentatonics.
As for backing tracks, there are some really cool ones on line and they're FREE. Just type in Jam Tracks. If none of this helps, find a good teacher in your area. Sometimes getting another players advise can kick-start your brain. Good luck.