My birthday was on Sunday(10/26), I saw The Who on Friday as a gift thought Id add that, it was amazing. Anyway I got about $300 burning a hole in my pocket now and I need an amp. I don't gig now but jam with friends sometimes, not really any drums yet though.

I had another thread and people recommended the Crate v18/33, but they are kinda hard to find so I want some more options, a classic 30 is out of my price range even used. So I saw this Raven RG60 and thought "that looks pretty good." It's $200 so that would leave room for a Dist. or OD pedal too. Does anyone know if its a good amp?

I play mostly Black Sabbath, The Who and some other random metal and hard rock stuff. So would a Raven RG60 be good or should I try to find a Crate v18 on Craigslist or something?

Also as a side note, does BOSS make good effects pedals, I like the price on the DS-1 and have heard good things but what do you think?
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The Raven sounds terrible, don't waste your money. Try a Peavey Vypyr 75 for that money. It's a great sounding amp and will blow that Raven away. Also, you can get a Cube 60 in that price range. I'd chose the Vypyr though.
Ok so no Raven RG60!

@Ghold: I live about a 1/2 hour outside boston.

I found a classic 30 on craigslist for $350, could probably push it down to $300, is this a good deal? I emailed the guy and asked what town he lived in, if its not too fr I'll def. consider it.

Im pretty new to amp buying so any help or advice would be sweet.

So far a Classic 20 is at the top of my list, than a crate v18/33 or a Peavey Vypyr 75.