first off, the amp that i have is a Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 112, 2 x 12 combo, 100 watt tube amp.

just a couple of minutes ago, i heard a loud pop sound, and i noticed the lights flicker for a moment. a constant static noise now comes out of the amp, all three channels, clean, crunch, and lead, even if i try playing. i checked the tubes in the back, and it appears that everything is workign there, no tubes glowing to brightly or not at all.

with this, i have a feeling that i blew the fuse in my amp. now the question is, how do i fix this? what fuse do i need? can i do this myself, or if i shouldnt, where should i take it to get fixed? thanks in advance
that or its the end of the earth
but no i think its a fuse
and id just take it in
Call me Justyn

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i would call marshall and ask them, before you do make sure the problem isn't your cable or your guitar, try a new cable.
It means you should take it to your local guitar shop. Less, of course, you wanna REALLY **** up your amp. Jus take it in, man.
and jsut to add, i just checked and it makes the noise regardless if there is a cable plugged in or not