Alright People, this should be my last thread in this recent barrage...

Ive come across a 1968 Blackface Fender Bassman Cab for $150. Its in good shape, and I reserved it. Just wanted to see if they were worth it or if something this old should be passed on. I feel like its a deal, but wanted to see what you guys thought.
Honestly any cab for a price like that is a steal and the vintage-ness only sweetens the deal.
Good deal if it's in good condition. Vintage stuff is usually great
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Well I played it in the store for about half an hour, and decided to go with it. I pay for it, we put it on the dolly, and as soon as we(the GC guy and myself) lift it to put it in my trunk, the whole face of it falls out onto the wet ground, cutting my finger in the process. All the wood split. I got my money back thankfully.

...Im pissed.
You know for as much flak as GC gets, they are pretty good about giving you your money back when weird crap happens. I had a similar problem with the first bass I bought from there. It was DOA. Course I think the guys that work at the GC by my office are kinda annoying. The one by my house though... those guys are awesome and the store is a lot of fun.

Good to hear you made it out of the situation with only a cut. Sorry to hear about the cab though dude. You'll find another good deal though. Keep your eyes peeled.
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