I was wondering if anyone has/has seen a maple fretboard with black trapezoid or block inlays? I'm curious of how it would look. If anyone can find a pic could u plz post it.

P.S.- What do u think of it personally?
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i've seen black blocks (geddy lee sig bass, i think). It's possible. I'm not a fan of light board/dark inlay, though. Then again, anything other than dots in maple kinda turns me off... my opinion.
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Maple neck, black block inlays.
Personally, I think that sunburst one looks gorgeous. Hoping to buy that after an amp.
I haven't seen one on a guitar though.
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I dont really care for it with the maple, but if you could somehow come up with a white wood fretboard on a black guitar with black inlays that would be sexy as hell.
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this is a bit off topis but i saw this guy on ebay sell tree of life inlays. an i reckon maple with a dark tree of life inlay would looks sweet
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