Ok, so I've been looking into buying a new amp for quite some time, and someone that I know is selling a 6505+ half stack for $1,100. I'm considering buying it, and I have through it before, but I'm worried that it won't be versatile enough for me (I do play metal and hardcore, but I play pop punk too). Now, I know that Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy uses a Krank Revolution, which does help me somewhat, but I'm still not sure. Can anyone tell me if it has the versatility that i need?

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Try the JSX, it's much more versitile.

I have played the JSX, but this 6505+ half stack is less than a year old and in mint condition for $1,100, so I want to take advantage of the deal if it's versatile enough
Eh, if the cab that comes with it is the Peavey cab, I'd rather just have the head and buy a better cab, especially for that price.

The 6505 isn't the most versatile amp but it's more versatile than people give it credit for.
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