Hi guys,

I'm looking to learn electric guitar, and am curious on how people have learned guitar, and what people recommend.

The options I'm looking at include:

A teacher
Online tutorials/information
Buying or borrowing a book from the library

Anyone have any thoughts, or specific suggestions? (like which online tutorials, which books, etc.)

Edit: I think the most viable for me is using free online tutorials, so anyone have any specific resources? I suppose what I would prefer is a GOOD (as in it'll teach me the right things and help me get a good foundation) structured tutorials that begins with basic techniques and progresses on to more difficult things. I wouldn't want to learn guitar from a bad source and then a couple weeks down the road, realize it and have to relearn the basics.
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Books are totally out of the question, learn how to read tablature (very easy) get a program like guitar pro, (http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php) and learn songs you like to listen to. But after you have learned 2 or 3 songs to the point where you can play them well, learn the basic open chords (major, minor, and 7th, on E A D G and C) then once you have mastered those, continue learning songs and when you need help learning any techniques from alternate picking to pinch harmonics to sweep picking go to youtube. There is always helpful videos for learning guitar there.

Ker Edit: also barre chords are a necessary thing for playing guitar. Learn those right after the open chords
Ker Double Edit: Or if you dont want to buy it you can always go the torrent route, it works the same and you are going to need to use torrents to get a whole bunch of tabs for guitar pro if you need more info just pm me, I will be happy to help
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Actually I would do the opposite of the poster above.

I would actually start by getting lessons from a teacher. He will be able to get your technique sound to start. While your doing that, you can also pick up some books like Hal Leonard Guitar Method. Personally I believe it is important to learn theory and how to read music. After you've taken lessons for 6 months then decide for yourself if you want to start learning on your own or not. Nothing wrong with that but to start I would actually get a teacher.
Yea I would get a teacher, but I learned for my first 2 months off of nextlevelguitar.com which was really a good website. But do whatever fits you
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