And I ran into this explorer type guitar, and im like wtf is this? Right now the current bid is 100CDN. But I dont know wtf is is, does anyone have a clue?

Its pretty sweet looking, and for 100 seems sweet, but also thinking like a normal person it screams stay away. Any info would be great.

EDIT: Now the pictures are on here for a direct look, rather than recieve hassle for posting the ebay link even though there shouldnt be a problem.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
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are you ****ing serious no ebay links?
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
if you have the spare 100 bucks why not??

i bought a shitty harmony blood red flying V on eBay and i must say it looks really really awesome on my wall

(im not being sarcastic, it looks sick. everyone who knows nothing about guitars love it)
he's not advertising his sale, so it shouldn't ****in matter...if not just post the pics n price...
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im almost positive there isnt a problem, and i've been here a while, thats why im questioning your decision.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Theres no E-Bay links if you are trying to sell somthing outside of the gear sale forum, i believe , don't quote me, but why would there be a ban on E-bay links for information or comparison sakes? theres links to musician friend and 123 so i dont think that e-bay should be excluded for the above reasons
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i'm almost 99% sure no ebay links.

nothing in the rules about it, and it's never been a problem before.
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I have a bit of a problem describing this guitar! It is a Neck Thru Explorer which is shaped exactly like the Gibson except it has a different shaped headstock! I thought that it might be an ESP, Hamer or Kramer. I have been told that it could even be a Guild. It has been painted. I believe that it was originally natural mahogany in color and you could strip it if you wanted to do so. If you know what it is then you know that this is probably a steal for you. A case is included (not hardshell)!

This item features:

* Sealed Tuning machines (Gotoh?? Grover?? Mighty Mite??).
* Kahler type Tremolo (bar included).
* Locking nut.
* Double Humbuckers.
* Gold Hardware.

It plays okay. My son likes it!

At my price you are getting a steal!! Use the Buy it now and I'll pay the shipping!!

Don't let this one get away!

Don't forget to check out my other auctions for other great gear and guitars!

Good Luck!! -Cliff-


There, now don't need to risk the link..
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the date on the photo says it was taken in 2005 id be careful on this one
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the date on the photo says it was taken in 2005 id be careful on this one

yeah thats what i noticed, but 100 im almost thinking of diving head on. I shall see though, because he says he's not sure of what it is.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
Just having the pics is fine because there is no way as far as I can see of getting back to the auction from them.
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Just having the pics is fine because there is no way as far as I can see of getting back to the auction from them.

even though xifr, now that you came here, is it a problem to post an ebay link? ive posted before and i've never had a problem, i remember that as long as you're not advertising your sale and just asking a question its fine. I might be wrong, and a response from a mod would be closure.
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Thank you Jesusaurus.
It looks okay and for $100, may be worth the risk. I didn't see a brand name and like been said, the pics are three years old, maybe make sure on the whole return policy thing.
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