Does anyone agree with me here ? It seems the show is so boring and unecessary. I usually stumble upon it while hoping Fresh Prince or Rossanne comes back to Nick@Nite but that crap is always on...
It is very not good.

Sweet first post! this means everyone will see what I type here, HAI GUISE!
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it's not that bad >_>
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yeah, i have like 150 people in my house everyday rewiring and shit
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Hahahaha, I'm watching it right now....

But I enjoy it, probably cuz I used to watch it when I was younger with my parents
Home Improvement is Ok, it gets old after a while, and formulaic, make fun of his bearded sidekick dude Al (right), get advice from his neighbor, fix issues with his sons... etc. Its a pretty basic sitcom, its ok

Seinfeld is much better

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one time tim allen got caught with a bunch of coke and said it was his friends, who later got like life in prison and Allen got like no jail time.

So ya then this show was formed
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It is very not good.

Sweet first post! this means everyone will see what I type here, HAI GUISE!

Home Improvements an excellent show I'll have you know.

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Roseanne is the fat bitch of the fat bitches.
Tim Alan is better than that monster fatass, I can't stand that woman or her show.

Don't use Fresh Prince and Roseanne in the same sentence. He (Will) could be his (Roseanne's) ass.
I love Foxy Shazam more than you.

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Its funny but I hate Jill...what a bitch, always whining and not very hot.