Um I'm a 15 year old bass player looking to form a band. Not just any band, a band with members who are heavily into their music. Who play with a passion... Who love to play music not because it's cool or because it makes them popular but because it fulfills them and gives them a reason to wake up every morning. If any singers, guitarist, drummers think that they're real artist send me a message. I'm heavily influenced by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Marcus Miller, Larry Graham, Hendrix, Bootsy, 70's funk, Experimental Genres, and classic rock (Cream, Zepplin, Frank Zappa etc.) But my playing leans more towards Chili Pepper style.

BTW I love to improvise, and let emotions flow.

I'd really love to play with some guys who love music, write some songs, and obviously jam
I live in Mississauga... but I don't like funk or punk... Well, I like The Distillers... I'm shit at guitar and don't want to be in a band though.

Sorry to waste your time.

I just wanted to shout out to the 'Sauga. Woot!
I used to live in Mississauga but have moved to dominican rep, too bad I am into alot of that stuff.