Fender FM412 slant cab loaded with V30's (not the stock fender "sound tested" eminence speakers) and a peavey valveking head for $800 used?

I play metal, so I'm pretty sure this fits my niche (and $800 flat is my max. price range).

good deal? Y/N?
There are better options for $800
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I know the VK isnt phenomenal, but for $800 total, im not exactly looking for the best head/ cab out there... just somthing good for the price.

I play tech metal (sikth, protest the hero, architects) so I need a healthy amount of low end and mids. I also do jazz fusion (allen holdsworth), again, mids are a must. I live in hamilton and plan to use it at home (with an attenuator!) and to gig.

what really attracted me to the cab was the V30's, which must have cost around $400 anyway to replace the stock speakers.
listen man ive seen a JCM900 fullstack for $600, now thats a good deal.
your just getting ripped off.
try to look for a peavey 5150 stack for that price, much better off, and then chage up the speaker to warehouse vet 30's.
Or a 5150 combo, dont get the valveking.
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He says in the description that the eq doesn't work on the amp?
haha what the hell?

I think he means on the footswitch.