Are there any other songs such as this that has no lyrics and just instruments
love the instruments in metal, just not a fan of the screaming.... haha
Please and thank you.
Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
I have a solution, then...Don't listen to Metal with screams.

But try some Nevermore. Good Metal sound, but no screams. It's all clean vocals. They kinda do a lot of genres, so I can't really nail down a specific one for ya. But check em out on youtube and wikipedia has a good bio of em.

Oh, and, TS, your sig is correct. Marijuana is a plant, same as Tobacco or Cabbage or Tea.
Alright, thanks man
anymore bands thats good metal but without scream?

I can deal with stuff like Trivium, because they dont have a horrid scream and actually sing a lot to, just to throw that out there...
Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
Thanks a lot,
I enjoy Liquid Tension Experiment, they kick ass

Any more bands that you guys know of that doesnt do too much screaming?

or any single songs that they just dont sing in?
(Such as Regret not by All That Remains, or Implements Of Destruction by Chimaira)

Thanks in advance
Marijuana is not a drug! its simply a plant
I don't know if it's really what you're looking for but

Baroness - The Red Album
Kylesa - Time Will Fuse It's Worth or Static Tensions
or anything by Torche
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