1. Where can i get Charvel guitars online in the US?(its not in musiciansfriend!)
2. What G&L color is closest to olympic white in fender?
3. which one do you like the best(color, not the guitar. It will be maple neck)
a) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcVJkL2YfJs ( the one he has here. if you like it to have white pickup covers or white pickguard, tell me so?)

b) the one in glguitars.com click finish, and click white

c) http://www.eastsideguitarsanddrums.com/G&L_Legacy_White.jpg the one in here. how would this look like with white pg? would it match the finish and look like all white(stupid) or cool just like olympic white in fenders?

4. what is the tinted glossy neck and birds eye neck in g&l?
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