I have a fender strat with a floyd rose. I asked Tim which humbucker to get for a Children of Bodom Alexi Laiho sound, and he suggested the Miracle Man. I asked about the Rammstein tone, and he said either that or the Pain Killer. My strats alder, its a bolt on neck, and of course my floyd rose need a pickup to make up for lost sustain. Anyone-tell me as much as possible about these pickups, would these suggestions really be best for the tone I'm going for? Or should I go with EMG, Dimarzio, or Seymour Duncan? MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE!
well if you want killer sustain try installing a fernandes sustainer.
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Thanks for the suggestion on the sustainer, right now I'm really looking for tone though. Right now I'm really considering the Miracle Man or the War Pig.
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