It sounded decent, but the problem I have with stuff like this (and specifically with BoO) is that slapping keyboards on it is like putting lipstick on a pig. Except in this case, the pig is one of the most uninspired genres going.
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Well, it just sounds like you got a bunch of riffs, threw them together and called it a song.
Especially with all the tempo changes.

Unfortunately the keyboard passages, or leads, sound out of place.So I guess you should play around with it a bit more.

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I for one, liked it. I don't really like core, except for mathcore, but this was listenable. I think you fitted the keyboard well in there, although some tempo changes were pretty shaky (I think you can guess which ones), but some were pretty good.
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I really enjoyed it. Some parts do feel a little awkward but that's kind of a good thing in this genre. Keys were used well too, and good work with the drums! I liked the breakdown from bar 102 as well. I wasn't keen on bars 5-8, just sounded a bit too messy for me, but otherwise nice job. 9/10.

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You're going to get a lot of people on here who aren't fond of the whole keys in metal thing. But I personally liked it. I thought your riffs were pretty cool, and the synth complimented it just fine. I really love the little break thing at bar 17. The keyboard does that heavy as shit low note, and it really works.

The next part reminds me of dream theatre in a less progressive way, which is cool, it works once again. I think you need to throw in some more drum fills for transition, though. Which is something I understand not doing in guitar pro, and just doing in a real band situation.

Oh, and I love the synth patch you used for that bar 50 breakdown. I've never heard it before, but you've inspired me to use it. So if you see it in one of my songs in the future, know that you're to thank XD

As with any song made on GP, vocals will make the song loads better and with real instruments, you're golden.

Also, I disagree with the tempo changes being clumsy, or it seeming like a bunch of riffs thrown together to form a song. I think drum transitions would help, but I do believe this is one of the better pieces I've heard on here for a while. So, good job.
Intro was meh, and the next bit wouldve been better if it was a bit more stop starty if you know what i mean. next riff was fantastic, odd rhythm and dance-esque keyboards. then some badass chugging but this is where it show that A# is just too low, you lose defenition in the rhythm as itll just start to blur. drop C is more than low enough, as is Drop B, but you went too far imo.

the riffs that follow this are fantastic altho quite complex to play id assume. riff at 42 is very BOO,i loved it and the diminished riffs that followed.

The bit at 50 could have been written by BOO themselves, its exactly their style
especially with the half time feel.

86 is just brutal, nothin original but when it drops in with the chugs and double kick it is amazing. then the short breakdown riff is brilliant.

This is by far the best thing you have written IMO.

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It started on a bit of a weak note and at some points when the keyboard shifted to Square it sounded like it was a little too loud compared to the other instruments. Other than that, it was a very cool song. Highlights: Bars 42 - 77 and Bars 86 - 101. The breakdown rhythm at Bar 98 was pretty sick.
im only comment on afew bits rather than the whole thing, first off man, u should be proud of that breakdown. i totally noded my head even though it is midi. the following riff after the drum fill is wicked. pure metal headbanging stuff. the riff after that sorta reminded me of necrophagist. 46 49 was total groove. the interlude was cool but it did add a cheeseness to the song. when it stops at 62 i think the keys should have stoped long before then, i would say dont slow it dont when the keys are still doing their thing. 90 to 94 is fricken the dogs bolix and when the drums break it down more, ausome.

this song is wicked but the keys didnt do heaps for me. sorry.