Hey guys, this my first real attempt at recording anything, not to mention my first attempt at recording my singing. Any feedback would be much appreciated, especially on the vocals. I know I'm a little shaky in some parts, and I probably could have done a better take but oh well. Thanks in advance.

The recording's on my profile
Hey this sounds great

NMH is one of my favorite bands, you did a good job covering this its not easy to try and be Jeff Mangum. You kind of sound like him. The only thing i would say is some of the vocals are a little shaky, not sure if you're nervous or just straining to hit the notes
edit : oh wow you said the same thing in your first post, i didnt even read it

did you record guitar and vocals seperately or together?
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Yeah you were right about me
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Hey thanks a lot man! Saying I sound a bit like Jeff himself is a huge compliment for me. And yeah, the shakiness was a bit of both, you could say I was nervous that I was going to have to strain to hit those notes haha.

I actually recorded both together using the rock band mic straight into audacity.
Your guitar playing is quite good, there's only a couple times your get off rhythm. Your singing doesn't seem to come so fluidly. There's a few awkward moments where you pause at the last word trying to make it sync with the chord change. Just keep practicing sing along with it and I'm sure it will work it's self out. Your singing is pretty good though, I appreciate you not copying Magnum's, for lack of a better word, 'traits'. Hopefully you know what I mean, you give it your own style, thats a good thing.